Modern log cabin – a great experience

Welcome to the ideal place for an active holiday or a truly relaxing break! Mustalahden Makasiini is a historical storehouse that has been completely renovated into a log cabin with a unique atmosphere and modern conveniences. It is located on the banks of a beautiful lake and surrounded by peaceful forests.

Mustalahden Makasiini is situated in Multia, three kilometers from the center of the town.

Multia is located 60 km from the city of Jyväskylä.


  • A fantastic selection of activities throughout the year
  • 100 m2 and large traditional log sauna on the waterfront
  • 3 bedrooms for 8 people (option for extra beds)
  • Sitting room with a fireplace
  • Roofed porch and patio
  • Bathroom with a shower
  • TV with DVD player
  • Air conditioning

Kitchen with modern appliances

  • dishes for 12 people
  • diswasher
  • microwave oven
  • fridge
  • electric oven and wood-burning stove

A fantastic selection of activities throughout the year

  • Hiking and trekking
  • Berry and mushroom picking
  • Boating and fishing on Lake Sinervä: rowing boat, canoe and fishing rods available
  • Sandy beach – great for kids!
  • Place for campfire on the waterfront
  • Jogging on a sawdust track
  • Cross country skiing and ice skating
  • Ice fishing
  • Kick sleds
  • Relaxation enjoying the peace and tranquillity
  • Nearby municipality of Multia


Mustalahden Makasiini was built in 1891 as a storehouse for a store owned by Werner Valkola in the center of Multia. Groceries such as salt and flour were stored there. The storehouse was an essential part of every day life at the store. When the store was closed, there was no need for the storehouse but the old logs were kept in the family. The storehouse was built again at a beautiful place on the waterfront of a lake.

Mustalahden Makasiini has been completely renovated with elegance and high-quality, respecting the past and traditions. There are still writings and markings on the logs from decades ago and crystals of salt twinkle on the logs where salt was once stocked.

Services & contact

Mustalahden Makasiini is also a great place for different types  of events and gatherings. Contact us and together we can plan a memorable experience!

You are able to make a reservation here or you can contact us by e-mail: leena.valkola [at]